$45/month for Tuesday & Thursday classes

$30/month for Monday classes (max of 5ppl on Mondays due to space)

$65/month for Mon, Tues and Thurs classes

$7 drop in fee


Punch Cards

10 class punch card - $50 for a limited time ($70 regular price) 


POUND Motivation

Commit to 1, 2 or 3 months of POUND

 - for every class you go to you get $1 

 - reach your goal and get a $10 bonus 


Get a group of friends together and POUND in the comfort of your own home

- 1.5hrs with a POUND Pro ( that's

 - you provide the space (large basement, garage...etc) I bring the music and Ripstix

 - choose from a half or full class or learn choreography of 1 song 

$40 up to 5 ppl

$60 for 6+ ppl