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What are people saying about POUND


Spread the word! Pound exercise program is amazing! Not only is pound class an excellent way to exercise but it's FUN! The idea of using sticks in the program is fabulous! Pounding to the music takes your mind off the excercise regimes that we all tend to shy away from like crunches, lunges ect.,.so while your working every part of your body your having FUN and not even realizing you have just done a 45 minute workout:))) and yes it's a workout and it's amazing!!! Thank you Bev for offering the opportunity to have such a wonderful program In Medicine Hat :))) my motivation to come to the class was the whole idea of drumming while exercising.My dad whom passed away in September 2013 was a drummer and I thought ...., here is my sign ... Pound class is a perfect fit. I have never been to a fitness class and was in need of a lifestyle change emotionally and physically. So I made that leap THANKS DAD.. Joined pound and have loved every minute of it. I feel better.. Look better...(more results to come) ,get to enjoy drumming and won't look back! Pound it is for everyone!! Spread the word and try pound class today!!!

R. Blacquier


"POUND is an amazing class! There is something for everyone, from cardio, dancing, & drumming to a kick-ass sweat fest!! POUND is the class for you, what are you waiting for?!"

C. Jones 


"POUND is an awesome class that everyone, even men, should try!! It's so much fun that you forget that you are working out! This is a great workout that is for all fitness levels. I am the type of person that needs to be prodded to go work out otherwise I won't go, but with POUND, I look forward to going and become disappointed if I am unable to attend. I love POUND!!!! And you will too if you give it a try!"

L. Lutz 


POUND is such an amazing class!It helps you get motivated where I needed to have. I love going to POUND, I count the days to go!! It's such a great work out! What are you waiting for this workout is for you!!

V. Winczura 


I am so not a big lunge and squat fan... I dread them, which in turn keeps me from attending gyms and classes. I decided to try POUND and I am so glad I did! You don't even realize that you did 45 minutes of an exercise you can't stand... Highly recommend getting in on an intense (but fun) POUND workout!

A. Vannini


I love this class. You get to beat your frustrations out with drumsticks all while getting an intense workout. It's so much fun that it doesn't even feel like a work out till the next day, everything burns. I love it.

D. Dupuis

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